Unexpected Encouragement: Christian Community

Church on Mission Pt. 2

Jordan ScottMay 15, 2022

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Passage: Acts 28:11-16

In Acts 28:11-16, the Apostle Paul will finally reach Rome after surviving a life-or-death sea voyage and being shipwrecked on Malta. What will happen to Paul? Every step he takes moving closer to Rome could be a step closer to his death. With this reality looming, Paul receives some unexpected encouragement that spurs him on! He will head into Rome thankful and full of courage, ready to fulfill God's call to bear witness to the Gospel.

Paul's final leg of travel to Rome uniquely demonstrates just how important Christian community is for Christ followers as we navigate forward in life, facing various trials and challenges. Christians thrive in community. God uses people to bring us support and encouragement. We are not alone. God is with us and we have brothers and sisters in Christ with us, loving, supporting, encouraging, and spurring us on.

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Sermons in Church on Mission Pt. 2

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January 23, 2022
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