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Episode 10: Worship in the Time of COVID-19
In this episode, Mary and Pastor Paul welcome Andy Frew (Associate Pastor at Crossridge Church) and Jayson Oldham (Director of Worship Arts here at SDBC) to a conversation about worship in the time of COVID-19. They discuss what it means to be a worship leader, how COVID has impacted worship leaders in the last 16 months, and how we can support and encourage our worship leaders. We hope that you enjoy this episode.

Episode 9: Have You Ever Wondered
In this episode, Mary and Paul discuss a new sermon series called, Have You Ever Wondered. You'll be able to hear the thought process behind putting this series together, and why we believe it will be an important series for many people. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode 8: Why Adoption Matters
In this episode, we will be discussing the doctrine of adoption and why this doctrine is so important for every follower of Jesus. We have a special guest joining us--Dr. Barton Priebe, who serves as the lead pastor of Central Baptist Church in Victoria, BC, and is also an author of several books, including a book on this topic titled, Adopted by God. We trust you will find this episode encouraging and inspiring.

Episode 7: Commenting on "Seaspiracy"
In this episode, Pastor Paul Park and Mary Grierson discuss the Netflix documentary, "Seaspiracy." This documentary quickly rose to the Netflix top ten list and has gained a large amount of media attention since it was released in March. Paul and Mary discuss topics and themes like the importance of critical thinking, Genesis 3, broken relationships, stewardship, selfishness, and sustainability.

Episode 6: Mental Health in Light of COVID-19
In this episode, we have the privilege of talking with Andrew Neufeld from Alongside You about the topic of mental health. We discuss the stigma surrounding mental health, how COVID-19 has impacted us, and we will discuss the churchs’ role on this topic.

Episode 5: Serving Families with BabyGoRound
In this episode, Mary and Paul interview Lisa Brooks (Executive Director) and Alyssa Gibson (Marketing Manager) of BabyGoRound, which is an organization that provides essential baby items including gear, diapers, and clothing to families in need throughout the Lower Mainland. We also introduce an exciting opportunity to partner with BabyGoRound to support families in our community in the next several weeks.

Episode 4: Reflecting on the Life and Ministry of Dr. Doug Harris
With the pandemic and the social distancing measures, we are not able to honour Doug Harris with a traditional funeral service, so our team decided to dedicate this podcast episode to reflect on the life and ministry of Dr. Doug Harris, who was a truly influential Christian leader in British Columbia and beyond. In this episode, you'll hear from Pastor Paul, Mary Grierson, Jayson Oldham, Pastor Jordan Scott, Pastor Rick Burdett, Pastor Paul Johnson, and Pastor Jeremy Johnson as we all reflect on Doug's influence on our lives. We hope you enjoy this episode. 

Episode 3: Commenting on "The Social Dilemma"
In this episode, Mary and Paul discuss the Netflix documentary, "The Social Dilemma," and how social media platforms are impacting our society as it relates to mental health, fake news, curated content, etc. How can the church be a part of the solution? Find out in this episode.

Episode 2: Racism and a Christian Response
In this episode, our host, Pastor Paul, discusses racism and how Christians can respond with biblical wisdom with guests,  Jayson Oldham, Jordan Scott, and Mary Grierson.

Episode 1: Pivoting as a Church
Pastor Paul hosts Pastor Jordan and Jayson, our Director of Worship Arts, in this first episode of SDBC Podcast to talk about how they're doing and how our church could pray for them. They also share what it's been like to adjust to online services and working from home, and they also offer a word of encouragement for the church family.