The Greater Tabernacle

This Is Who I Am: The Book of Exodus

Paul ParkAugust 14, 2022

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Passage: Exodus 24:1-31:18, Exodus 34:1-40:38

This week, we explore the significance of the tabernacle in the Exodus story. God's goal for his redemption of Israel was to dwell with them and to be their God. Ultimately, the tabernacle and the temple point to Jesus who is the greater temple that fulfills the tabernacle's functions completely. After the resurrection of Jesus, we are given the privilege of being mini-tabernacles going out to the world and helping people experience the presence of God by practicing radical hospitality and meaningful connections. When we love like Jesus in all of our relationships, we are being faithful tabernacles, agents of God's kingdom, and ambassadors of reconciliation. This is our identity in Christ.

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