The Powerful Deliverer

This Is Who I Am: The Book of Exodus

Paul ParkJuly 17, 2022

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Passage: Exodus 6:1-12:51, Exodus 14:1-31

This week, we witness the raw power of our God in his mighty act of deliverance. One of the major themes in the book of Exodus is God's faithfulness. The author clearly portrays God as a powerful God who is not only loving enough to save his people in their brokenness but also powerful enough to actually deliver us from our sins and sufferings into his righteous reign. If God is the Powerful Deliverer, we can rest in him and trust him to carry us through all of life's storms and trials. That awesome divine presence that once shook mountains and terrified people lives in us. So, don't forget that. Live with that raw power guiding you and helping you trust in him.

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