Easter Sunday: New and Living Way

Jesus the Better

Paul ParkApril 9, 2023

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Passage: Hebrews 10:19-25

Jesus' resurrection sounds like a fairytale for some of us living in this secular age, but Pastor Paul illustrates how it is logical and reasonable to believe in the possibility of the supernatural. Jesus HAS risen from the grave, which means he has opened for us an opportunity to live in a new and living way. This is resurrection life: a life full of grace and mercy; a life free from the shackles of sin; a life that teems with hope. How do you experience this new and living way of life? Through the church. Through the broken people who were redeemed by Jesus' love and sacrifice. Our faithful God promises that you will experience this new and living way of the resurrection life through his church, so engage with the church. Be a part of God's church. Even though we're not perfect, God promises to take the imperfect and use it for his glory. He promises to give you a meaningful life full of purpose. He promises to fulfill his will in your life. 

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