Growing in the Knowledge of God's Will

Growing Deeper Together

Paul ParkSeptember 11, 2022

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Passage: Hebrews 5:12-14, John 6:67-69

Our church is seeking to grow deeper together by pursuing five measurable outcomes: 

  • Growing in the Knowledge of God's Will
  • Pursuing Emotionally Healthy Relationships
  • Growing in Gospel Fluency
  • Practicing Generosity
  • Practicing Biblical Hospitality

The first outcome we explore in this message is "Growing in the Knowledge of God's Will." Growing in our understanding of the bible is the foundational step in growing deeper in Christ. As followers of Jesus, we build our lives on his word. However, growing in the knowledge of God's will cannot be done in isolation. As the history of God's people demonstrates for us, we ought to embrace community hermeneutics and seek opportunities to read and study the bible together in a Holy Spirit led community. 

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