Grace and Truth

The Gospel according to John

Jordan ScottJune 9, 2024

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Passage: John 7:53-8:11

A woman was caught in adultery, brought to Jesus, and publicly shamed before a crowd. The religious leaders quoted the Old Testament law that this woman should be stoned to death for committing adultery, and they wanted to know what Jesus thought about this case. However, it was all a set-up to test and trap Jesus. He doesn't fall into the trap. Instead, we see Jesus powerfully navigate this encounter full of grace and truth.

This vivid and dramatic encounter with a woman caught in adultery becomes a powerful picture of what Jesus is all about: grace and truth. It confronts us head-on with our deep need for a saviour, for Jesus. It confronts us with the reality that we are sinners, and apart from God, we stand condemned, facing the death penalty. Yet, that's not where the story ends. We encounter a saviour who loves us deeply, forgives us immensely, and restores us completely through his grace and truth.

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