Set Apart

Radical Faithfulness

Jordan ScottOctober 22, 2023

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Passage: Numbers 10:1-31

Nehemiah chapter 10 is a fitting response to the public prayer of Nehemiah chapter 9, which included the people confessing their sins and engaging the word of God. They decide to make a covenant. Nehemiah and the people are demonstrating their renewed commitment to God, pursuing him and holiness above everything else. They want to obediently walk in God’s law and follow his commands as a set apart, holy people. As followers of Jesus, this is our aim as well. We are part of the new covenant people of God, enjoying a thriving and flourishing personal relationship with Jesus as a set apart, holy people. Nehemiah chapter 10 helps us answer the question: what does it mean to be holy, a set apart people, and how do we pursue holiness?

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