Peace Bought with Love

Tell It on the Mountain

Paul ParkDecember 4, 2022

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Passage: Genesis 22:1-14

This week, we explore God's story on Mount Moriah and the Advent theme of Peace. Unlike our cultural definition of peace, biblical peace doesn't happen when you relax or enjoy downtime; it's not a lack of stress, anxiety, or concern. It happens when a Saviour comes and pays for our sins by dying a brutal death to wrestle sin and its consequences to the ground and achieves complete victory. That's what peace looks like. Rather than just "serenity," peace looks like a battle won; a lamb sacrificed; a God who bleeds for his people. This story of how God achieved peace for us should help us know God's great love for us and that great love should inspire us to experience peace as we learn to trust our Lord more and more each day.

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