He Made Room for Us

Tell It on the Mountain

Paul ParkDecember 25, 2022

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Passage: Luke 2:7

In his account of the birth of Jesus Christ, Luke tells us that there was no room for Jesus in the inn. For centuries since this historical moment, Christians have reflected on the irony of the world that God created and came to save rejecting its creator and saviour. It makes no sense, but this rejection wasn't just a one-time experience for Jesus; it happened throughout his earthly ministry as well. The sad reality is that it still happens today. Many people reject Jesus even today. And what's really sad is that some Christians fail to make room for him even in how we celebrate Christmas. Our traditions, routines, expectations, and busyness clutter our lives to the point that there is very little room left for Jesus. 

On the contrary, Jesus spent his life on earth making room for those who felt like they didn't have anywhere to call home. Jesus promised that he was going to prepare a place in his kingdom for us to belong. The greatest irony is that we failed to make room for Jesus in our lives, but he did everything to make room for us in his. He left heaven and put on flesh to be born in a manger, and he didn't stop there. He went on to live a life of making room for others and bringing the outsiders in. He then went on to carry a cross to pay for the penalty of our sins and to purchase us from the grip of sin. He sacrificed his life to make room for us; to redeem us from our sin and brokenness to bring us into his house. This is why the Christmas story is good news. This is why our Jesus is worthy of every praise! 

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