Giving to the House of the Lord

Radical Faithfulness

Paul ParkOctober 29, 2023

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Passage: Nehemiah 10:32-39

As Nehemiah, on behalf of the covenant community of God's people, proclaims that "We will not neglect the house of our God," we must learn that giving to the Lord's work is something that is still important for us today. Regular, faithful giving is a spiritual exercise and is a matter of the heart. Giving joyfully and passionately to God trains our hearts and directs our hearts toward God; it's not merely a business transaction. Moreover, giving to our Lord is a team effort. In the West, we made talking about how we earn, save, and spend money to be an awkward topic for us to discuss, but giving to the church was always meant to be a communal exercise; not just an individual or private matter. We must support one another in growing in this area. Can you let two or three other faithful Christ followers know how you're doing financially and support one another in obeying God's word in the way we give to the Lord? We're not referring to just generosity in general to help people in need and support our favourite charities (which is also important and something we already preached about), but giving specifically to the Lord's work in his church. Let's be faithful and continue to grow in this area to the glory of our God and for our good!

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