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Summer Internships

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As we announced on Sunday, we will be raising funds to support three summer internships. We benefited from the Canada Summer Jobs grants in previous years, but because we could not check the newly required attestation box in good conscience, our application for the grants has been rejected this year (please read this blogpost for more information on this issue). Leadership development, however, is a tremendously important part of our duty as a church, and it is something that we have done well in the past. We hope to continue this legacy of investing in young leaders to develop them for Kingdom impact. We are looking to invest in two youth interns and an intern to work with SDBC Kids over the summer (May to August). In order for us to fund these internships, we are putting on a bake sale on Mother’s Day (May 13th) after the church service. All proceeds from the bake sale will go toward the summer internships. In addition to the bake sale, we are collecting a love offering for these internships on June 3rd during our Sunday morning service. Please come prepared to bless three young people with internships that will provide them valuable experience this summer. An important thing to note is that whenever we raise funds outside of our general budget, we are asking the congregation to give above and beyond what they already give regularly to the church. Please do not redirect what you would have given as a tithe or an offering to the church to support these internships, but consider giving above and beyond your current commitment to the church. We thank you in advance for your partnership in supporting these interns! May God be glorified by your sacrificial giving, and may the interns glorify God with their hard work for His Kingdom this summer!

Posted by Paul Park