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Register for Sunday Morning Watch Party

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For the past two weeks, we have been hosting Sunday morning "watch parties" in the chapel at church. We have chairs spread out in the room and you can watch our online service together with other brothers and sisters from our church, and even enjoy a socially distanced time of fellowship before and after the watch party.

We originally asked people who were struggling to join the livestream services to sign up to come to our watch parties, and we have had a few people enjoy the experience for the last two weeks. We are now extending this opportunity for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to join us for a watch party in the chapel each Sunday, you can pre-register (each week) on our website or by calling our church office.

Our watch parties begin at 10AM and the foyer doors will open at 9:40AM. We have heard that some of you were not signing up for these events to leave space for others to enjoy, but we can launch multiple watch parties on Sundays to accommodate people if there are more than fifty people who sign up. So, if you're comfortable in coming out to this event, we invite you to join us. All COVID-19 related safety protocols will apply and if you are planning to sing, you will be required to wear a mask while singing.

Click here to sign-up for this coming Sunday, July 12th. We look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday!

Posted by Paul Park