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New Sermon Series

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We are quickly heading into full on summer mode in our community as we go through the last week of the school year this week, and we will see many people taking time off to go on vacations, hang out with friends and family, and to be out in the beautiful outdoors for which beautiful British Columbia is known. In fact, by the time you're getting this newsletter, some of you will be celebrating the last day of school; congratulations! 

Over the summer, if you're planning to be away from time to time, please know that our sermons are uploaded to our website weekly so that you could keep up with our sermon series in the David and the King series. We will be in this series until the end of summer, and on September 9th, we will be launching a new sermon series as a part of our Fall Launch Sunday. The new series will kick off with a mini-series called, Changing Landscape, where we will take a look at statistics, sociological patterns, church mission studies, and much more to understand where the church is positioned in North American culture today. As the title suggests, we are living in a changing landscape that James Emery White calls a "hinge moment," in history. We're living in a pivotal moment in history, so it is critical for us to understand the times in which we live and to learn to be effective in our mission for God in this changing landscape. We will follow up this mini-series with a sermon series in the book of Acts called Church on Mission. We will study how we can be a church on mission in today's post-Christian culture by studying how the church was on mission in a pre-Christian culture in the book of Acts. I believe this will be a spiritually enriching series for our SDBC family, and I look forward to sharing God's word with you through this new series in September! Please pray for our preaching team as we prepare for this series.

Posted by Paul Park