New Sermon Series: Transformational Encounters with Jesus

19May, 2022

We are excited to begin a four-week sermon series on June 5th titled, Transformational Encounters with Jesus. This series will focus on Jesus and a number of unique encounters he has with people in the 1st century. We will see people meeting with Jesus, sometimes passing by, sometimes seeking him out, and these meetings leave them changed, transformed, and moving in a new direction. From the calling of his disciples to the encounter with a Samaritan woman, we see that Jesus doesn't present a new religion or a philosophy; he presents himself. Even though these encounters took place in the 1st century, they have been echoed in the lives of countless others since then. Jesus is still pursuing people today and completely transforming lives for all eternity. What can we discover about Jesus, his kingdom, and his mission through these transformational encounters? We are excited for this series and we hope you will be too!

Posted by Jordan Scott

Jordan has been attending South Delta Baptist Church ever since he was saved at 15, in 1999. Since then, he has been actively involved at SDBC, eventually becoming part of the staff in 2006 as a youth intern. From his time serving as a youth intern, Jordan answered a call to enter full-time ministry in 2013, and has been in a pastoral role overseeing youth, communications, and other areas of ministry. Outside of ministry, Jordan loves spending time with his wife, Kristianne, and is always ready for an adventure.

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