Intentional Hospitality: A First Step

16Sep, 2021

On Sunday, Pastor Paul spoke about intentional hospitality and the importance of loving and serving our neighbours. As a practical application of this message, we are rolling out the Welcome Basket Initiative! We have put together 50 baskets full of local products, goods, and gift cards. Each basket also contains information about our church, the participating businesses, and services in South Delta. All of the goods and information is aimed at welcoming newcomers to the area and helping them connect to our community.

Our vision for this basket is that our church family members would sign up for one of these baskets when they have a new neighbour move into their building or onto their street. This basket can then be used as a gift and a ministry tool to get to know your new neighbour and help them connect to our community of South Delta. This basket is meant to be the first step in meeting and getting to know our new neighbours.

If you have any questions, or you have a new neighbour and would like to sign up for a basket, please email me.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Mary has been on our church staff since 2016, serving in the roles of Interim Worship Director, Associate Director of Worship, and now, Community Life Coordinator. Mary works on organizing church-wide events, integrating new members into our church family, working with community groups, and managing the Starfish Pack and SDBC Tutoring programs along with other community outreach initiatives. She is passionate about loving Jesus, loving people, and loving our community.

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