God's Presence Among Us

13Jan, 2022

One of the most incredible truths that became more apparent during the recent Christmas season is that God, through Jesus, and now through the Holy Spirit, has made his presence among us. As miraculous and wonderful as the incarnation is, God's presence with his children has been his sacred intention from the very beginning: Almighty God, in a garden, with his beloved creation worshipping him. Even after the great rebellion in Eden, God, by his grace, continued to pursue his creation all throughout history. His presence has been known and experienced in everything from a burning bush to a Most Holy place in a tabernacle and temple.

Throughout the pandemic, perhaps our understanding of who God is, his presence, and how we worship him, have gone through a little bit of a shake-up. Maybe we have struggled to know and experience the presence of Jesus. Perhaps we have wrestled with worship. Be encouraged though. It is usually through tension and testing that we grow and experience more of God's greatness. A deeper understanding of the presence of Jesus in the midst of these uncertain times is exactly what we need to grow in our understanding of what worship is, and to be more wholeheartedly devoted to Christ. You see, God has never been bound by our limited understanding of who he is. He has never been contained by that which has been built by human hands. We have done nothing to deserve God's presence and yet, God has lavishly given himself to us, and has continued to relentlessly pursue us.

Stay tuned for more on this. In two weeks we will be releasing a new episode of SDBC Podcast entitled, Unrestricted and Undivided Worship. Be sure to check it out!

Posted by Jayson Oldham

Jayson has enjoyed living and being a pastor in this great community since 1998. He and his wonderful wife, Juli, have three kids and are currently fostering a fourth little one! Life is full and God is good. He is excited to serve and grow alongside the SDBC family.

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