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Experience the Gospel in Community

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As we learn to become gospel fluent through our sermon series in the Gospel of Mark, we are finding that the gospel was never meant to be viewed just as an intellectual practice. In addition to learning the gospel intellectually, we ought to experience the gospel in our daily lives.

The first disciples of Jesus—dubbed, "The Twelve"—did this in community with one another. In fact, the early church's regular expression of worship on the Lord's Day had an emphasis on communion service. When we think of worship today, we think of preaching and music as major components of worship. The first and second century churches, however, centred their worship experience around communion, which was a celebration of the Lord's Supper. This communion service on Sundays was a literal meal where Christians joined together in community to worship God and celebrate the work of Jesus Christ. The early church exemplified gospel fluency in that it emphasized both the intellectual learning and the experiencing of the gospel in community with fellow Christians. This is how we grow and mature as disciples of Jesus.

At South Delta Baptist Church, one of the primary ways in which we experience the gospel together is in community groups. These groups meet regularly (either weekly or bi-weekly) and study the bible, pray, and share life with one another. There's mutual support, encouragement, and accountability in these groups.

If you're not a part of a group yet, please consider joining a group today. Furthermore, we always need more community group leaders. If you sense God is calling you to serve as a leader in a community group, please sign up to lead a group. We will help train you as leaders and support you in your journey of leading a group at SDBC.

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Posted by Paul Park