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Easter at SDBC

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Even though the current situation with the pandemic has disturbed our routines and sense of normalcy, we must continue to trust God, and worship and honour him in everything that we do. Easter weekend is coming up and this is traditionally a time when Christians all around the world gather to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord. We have been looking into creative ways to gather for worship to celebrate this special season. We explored the idea of a drive-in church, smaller gatherings that respect the Province's regulations on public gatherings, etc. However, with the continued state of emergency in B.C. and in Canada, we believe that it would be unwise and irresponsible to execute any plans to physically gather at this point. As a church, we want to participate in our civic duty to help our nation overcome our struggles with COVID-19 by staying home and doing our part to protect ourselves and our fellow Canadians.

Nevertheless, it is supremely important to honour Jesus during Easter weekend. Therefore, we're going to celebrate and worship via livestream services on Good Friday (10AM) and Easter Sunday (10AM). We ask you to prepare bread and grape juice for communion on Friday (April 10) during our livestream service that you will be able to access on our website. More importantly, we ask that you would prepare your hearts for this special weekend through prayer and meditation of God's word. You can choose to read through Mark 14-16, Matthew 26-28, Luke 22-24, or John 18-21 to help you prepare for our Easter celebration. Although we're scattered in multiple homes around our city, God will be with us and unite us as one body under Christ's headship as we worship him together. May God's presence and resurrection hope be with you all as we celebrate this special time together.

Posted by Paul Park