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Changing Landscape

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We are only a few weeks away from finishing our David and the King sermon series, and we'll launch our new series called Changing Landscape on September 9th. For five consecutive Sundays, we will learn why it's so important for us to be on mission with God, what it means to be a "missionally effective church," and consider some practical things that we could do to participate in God's mission in our everyday routines. By being students of our mission field right here in South Delta through studying research done by biblical scholars from North America and Europe, and by delving into the word of God, we will seek to intentionally disrupt our habits that hinder us from being missionally effective, and foster new habits that propel us to participate in God's mission right here in our own community. Please pray for the preachers and for our church family as we head into this new sermon series, and if you miss any sermons in this five-part series, please make sure to watch the videos on our website. We believe God will use this sermon series to mobilize and equip us to be effective missionaries sent to South Delta. May God give us hearts like that of good soil to receive His word throughout the series, and may He cause us to bear fruit for His glory as we put into practice what He has spoken to us. 

Posted by Paul Park