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Catching up With Staff: Ryan

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Ryan Choi is truly fantastic! We can all honestly say that if Ryan was not on our team this year, the tech advances we were able to achieve and the content we were able to create would be very different. Not only does Ryan help us make Sunday morning live-streaming possible, but it is his creativity and giftedness that has allowed us to watch the beautiful drone countdown videos every Sunday. The hours Ryan has put in creating and editing content are countless. Ryan is an amazing team player and we are very thankful that God has placed him on our team!

What is your role at SDBC and how long have you worked here?
I have been on staff for three years as the Visual Communications Director. This means that I film interview and ministry promotion videos, film the Sunday morning live-stream services, and create special content like the drone footage countdown videos. Another aspect of my role is photography; I take pictures at church events and on Sunday mornings. Basically, I make and edit most of the SDBC videos you watch!

What are some of the things you love most about being part of the SDBC community/family?
I would say the thing I love most about being part of SDBC is working with the staff members. After working with them for three years, I know that they do their best to live by God's Word. They are not just working at the church, they are practicing living the Word. The SDBC staff try really hard to be good Christian role models, and I see them practice loving like Jesus. I dare say that they are the frontline workers in spiritual warfare.

Also, enjoying Korean food with my half Korean friend, Richard Staples, is a pleasure!

How has your role shifted and changed since the start of COVID-19?
My role is quite different since COVID-19 began. Since we moved to an online platform, I have learned how to pre-record services, like we did for the first few months, and now we continue to learn and grow with our live-streaming services. Learning live-streaming has been a bit of a challenge, as no one on our team had ever done this before. Previously, most of my work was recording events, but now we produce content almost like a broadcasting station.

What are some of the challenges and triumphs you have encountered in your life and work since the beginning of COVID-19?
Since the only way we can worship together is through the online platform, we had to upgrade all our equipment, apply new technologies, and learn new skills. We are using five cameras all together on Sunday morning. It was not easy to learn all of this, however, our team had precise goals from before we started, and we have achieved them through a lot of hard work and teamwork. I think our Christmas Eve service was the result of the team's hard work. 2020 was not easy, but it was a year of growing in everything.

How can we pray for you in this season of life?
Please pray for continued guidance for the Visual Communications Ministry. Our worship service has moved from the sanctuary to an online platform. So many people gather together each Sunday online to worship God. Please pray that I will be used as a tool of worship, part of worship, and not just a content creator.

I also have a personal prayer request as I have started a video production company. Please pray for me as the company moves forward and grows.

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Posted by Mary Grierson