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Business Meeting 2019 Update

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Thank you for joining us for our business meeting on Tuesday evening. It was a great meeting where we were reminded of God's faithfulness and where we had the opportunity to look to the future together as a church family. If you weren't able to make it, I want to provide you some important updates that we gave at the meeting.

First of all, we praised God for his faithfulness and recognized that we are completely dependent on him for everything. We heard a report from Pastor Jordan, our Executive Pastor, on our current state of finances and a presentation of the proposed budget for 2020. Pastor Jordan highlighted our strong financial state, and gave thanks to God and the church for where we are financially. We are still needing to finish well with a strong giving month in December, but we are hopeful that we will end the year on a highly positive note. Furthermore, the proposed budget for next year was well received, and the membership approved the budget for 2020. We look forward to God's provision and his leading as we participate in his mission next year!

Our Board of Elders also presented a new project that we will be launching in the first quarter of next year. We are looking to make changes to our bylaws. Most of the changes will be to update the bylaws to be in better compliance with the Societies Act, and also to bring alignment with our current practices. However, we're also working on making changes to membership requirements as a part of the bylaws update. We will give you more detailed information in the new year, but please mark the following dates for town halls in your calendars: January 26th, February 12th, February 23rd, and March 10th. Through these town halls, members of SDBC will have ample opportunity to review the proposed changes, to ask questions, and provide feedback during this process. Please also note that the goal is to vote for these bylaw changes at the Annual General Meeting in April of 2020.

During the business meeting, we also announced the hiring of our Director of Worship Arts. We are delighted and thrilled to announce that Jayson Oldham has been selected as the new Director of Worship Arts at our church. He is familiar to us because he served in an interim role at our church, but starting from December 1st, Jayson will join our staff in a more permanent capacity. Please pray for Jayson as he transitions into this ministry, and please pray for our church as we continue to worship our great God as a unified body.

We also made the announcement of Kyle McDonald's resignation. Kyle has served as our Director of Youth and Young Adults for the last couple years. He has poured out his heart to minister to our youths and young adults, and I know that many in our church have been blessed by his preaching and his ministry as a part of the worship team. Kyle and Britni are very well loved by all of us at SDBC, so this will be sad news to receive. Much like how Barnabas and Paul experienced a disagreement in direction of ministry in Acts 15, Kyle and I experienced a disagreement in how we feel called to minister in the gospel work. We processed the disagreement over a long time, and Kyle—with love and respect for me and for our church—decided to resign from his current position and discern where God will lead him next. As the biblical example in Acts 15 shows, it is okay to have disagreements in how we feel called to minister, and we can exemplify love and healthy maturity even in times of disagreement, which Kyle has done throughout this process. If you're receiving this news with sadness, that is natural because it is a testament to the fact that Kyle served our church family so well and that we were blessed by him. It will be sad to see him and Britni leave, but we also want to bless them and continue to pray for them as they transition. December 1st will be Kyle's last Sunday with us, and the following week will be his final work week. Please take time to thank him for his ministry and to encourage him as he moves forward. I am confident that God will use Kyle and Britni mightily for his glorious purpose.

As we transition in our Youth and Young Adult Ministries, James Cox will take on more hours to lead in the interim period with the help of a fantastic team of current leaders. Pastor Jordan will be more involved in Youth Ministry until we eventually hire a new Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Please keep our youths and this important ministry in your prayers as we seek God's leading in the next several months.

Posted by Paul Park