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Becoming a Leader

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We are blessed to have a church family that desires being in community with one another. Currently, we have over 20 active community groups at SDBC and, this year alone, almost 40 people joined new community groups. Most of our community groups are now full due to the huge demand; this is both something to celebrate, and something that must cause us to take action and begin forming new groups for those who still desire to join a community group. However, in order to form new groups, we need to have leaders willing to lead the groups.

Being a community group leader does not mean that each week you must host, provide snacks, and lead the discussion. This sort of leadership can easily lead to burnout and a heavy reliance on one or two individuals. Our vision for community groups is that multiple members of the group take turns hosting, bringing snacks, and facilitating the discussion of study. This sort of structure allows every member of the group to have a healthy ownership and dedication to the group. We are asking for group leaders, not to carry all the responsibility of an entire group, but to help us foster, build, and grow healthy community groups here at SDBC.

If you are interested in becoming a community group leader, please click here. Also, please feel free to email me if you have any questions about becoming a community group leader.

Posted by Mary Grierson