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Why Lead a Community Group?

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Since we were first married, back when the Sony Walkman and Space Shuttle were brand new things and the Berlin wall still divided Germany, Audrey and I have been involved in what are now called community groups. For us, getting together every week with a few other believers in someone's home to study the bible, pray, and encourage each other, has been part of what it means to belong to a church.

Recently, we've had the privilege, along with Mike and Denise Johnston, of leading a new group that just started this year. It has been amazing to see how quickly a group of people who really didn't know each other very well, could open up their hearts and start sharing their lives together. Seeing God at work in their lives reminds me that Jesus is alive and relevant still today. Seeing their love and concern for people that don't know Jesus yet, challenges me to wake up and get out of my comfort zone.

Leading a community group certainly does not mean having all of the answers. In fact, being with people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and age groups, helps me to look at things in new ways and challenges me to go deeper. Having to prepare each week forces me to actually "do the work," and in the process, impacts my own walk with Jesus far more than when I'm not leading.

If you feel that God might be prompting you to lead a group, I would encourage you to take a step of faith and see what God can do with your willing heart.

If you are interested learning more about becoming a community group leader, email Mary Grierson, our Community Life Coordinator. 

Posted by Phil Cox