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CE Wing Upgrades

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For as long as I can remember, the CE Wing has had its staple blue carpets. I remember being in grade six at Gap JR sitting in a circle with my leaders on the floor of room 204 and learning about different stories from the bible. And then in Gap, being chased through the dark hallway as I ran "for my life" trying not to get tagged and win that prestigious Slurpee (which would often be spilled on that same blue carpet as small groups got rowdy). I remember leading at VBS and sitting on the carpet telling stories to the young kids who were eager to learn about Jonah and the whale.

Those blue carpets have seen generations of children come through for Sunday school, VBS, Gap, Gap JR, and so much more. Needless to say, they have been well loved. However, thanks to the fundraising initiatives of our 60th Anniversary Celebration, we raised enough money to renovate and add in new carpets to our upstairs CE Wing. The entire upstairs looks like it has gotten a facelift and has new life breathed into it, all with a couple coats of paint and some beautiful new carpets. God has blessed us abundantly in this time, and the pause in programming due to COVID-19 was the perfect time for us to be able to complete these upgrades without interrupting our normal programming. Once on-site programming resumes, children will be welcomed back into these updated classrooms, ready to make new memories and to continue to grow in their walk with Jesus.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated to the 60th Anniversary fundraising initiatives, and who assisted in the upgrades. Our children will be welcomed back into these upgraded classrooms, and I cannot wait to see them full of love, laughter, and smiling kids, eager to learn about Jesus. It's time for this generation of children to make their memories sitting on the beautiful new carpets.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Click here to view a video of the upgrades.

Being a Student During COVID-19

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Hello everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Shipowich and I am the SDBC Kids intern. I have attended South Delta Baptist since 2012 and have served on staff since 2016. What I have missed most through these past few months of the pandemic is the fellowship and community that are so present every Sunday, as well as during events hosted during the week. I miss walking into church on Sunday and being greeted by person after smiling person. I especially miss seeing all of the wonderful children that attend our Sunday programming.

As a student during the pandemic there were many challenges and different emotions that came along with the news that classes would be moving online. First was the fact that I would not be seeing many of my friends from school. The social environment at Trinity Western University (TWU) is incredibly unique and, as a student leader, I had gotten to know a wide range of students; each one had uniquely supported me in my education career, my personal life, and my own faith. Because the announcement was made on a Saturday, there were many goodbyes that were never said, at least in person. Then there was the challenge of transitioning to online learning. I know that many university students, as well as high school and elementary students, had a difficult time moving from the classroom environment to learning at home.

The whole semester, year, and, I can honestly say, my entire time at TWU, has a sense of being "unfinished." There were no graduation events, friends returned to their home countries within a matter of days and without formal goodbyes, and I know that I will not be returning to the school come September. I look at my experience, and that of students all over the country, and it is easy for me to focus on all of the things that we have missed out on as a result of the pandemic. However, I know that God is working through this. Friendships have become more intentional, as we are not able to see all of our friends from school on a regular basis, we have been forced to make time for one another, and be intentional in our communications. Online school requires much more discipline and organization in order to finish assignments in a timely manner. For us graduating students, be it from high school or university, the next phase of our lives may be uncertain right now, but my encouragement for everyone would be to look up towards the Lord and give to him all of your worries for the future. No one knows what next year, next month, or even next week will look like, but God in is complete control even when we are not. We can take comfort in what is said in James 1:2-4: "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." If we rely on Jesus in this time of struggle, he will show us the joy that comes with holding true in our faith.

In this time, please pray for all the students who are finishing their school year. It has been a challenging few months, and becomes even more so when you can see the end. Please pray for those of us who have recently graduated, that God will show us what his plans are for our lives, and even though things may be frustrating and uncertain, please pray that we can turn our eyes towards God to show us what the next step is.

Please pray with us for Kaitlyn and all students, as they complete this school year and face the uncertainty of what the future may bring.

New SDBC Kids Curriculum

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On September 8th, SDBC Kids will be starting a new curriculum in each of our classrooms. Everyone from age 2 up to Grade 4 will be using the Awana curriculum! As the SDBC Kids team, it is our vision that every child be grounded in scripture and biblical truths and be able to have verses memorized and ready to use in their everyday lives.

The main focus in the Movers room (15-36 months) is free play time. Kids will start to learn bible stories through the Awana Puggles curriculum by listening to a story told by their teacher while they are sitting for snack time.

In the Preschool room, we will be using the Awana Cubbies curriculum. Kids will be learning biblical truths through different crafts and activities and story time with their leaders. They will also be introduced to bible verse memorization by learning key words or ideas from important verses.

Kids in Kindergarten and Grade 1 will use the Awana Sparks curriculum. This curriculum is designed for them to start learning and memorizing full bible verses while learning many important stories in the bible. The lessons will be reinforced with hands-on learning and activities to help them better understand the stories. The Sparks will take away two or three "Key Points" from each lesson and be able to recite a bible verse from memory.

Kids in Grades 2-4 will be working through the Awana T&T book, "Discovery of Grace." Through large group teaching time, hands-on games and activities, and table time where they will work through their handbook with their leaders, T&T kids will be diving deeper into different biblical truths and bible stories. They will also be working to memorize a different verse each week and can earn extra credit by memorizing multiple verses or doing the Gold and Silver sections in their handbooks.

On top of the new curriculum, Kids in Sparks and T&T will participate in Gym Days periodically throughout the year. On these days, we will be running different Awana games in the gym during the Sunday service.

We hope you're as excited as we are going into this new year with SDBC Kids! If you have any questions about the program, or would like to serve in this ministry, please email Sue Gibson.