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Men's Golf Tournament Recap

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The annual SDBC Men's Ministry Golf Tournament took place on Friday, June 21st at the Links at Hampton Cove. Twenty men gathered together for a time of fun and fellowship. The weather was perfect as the men set up around the putting green for the warm-up putting challenge. "Grand Marshall" Eric Tegelberg organized the crew and made sure that those uber competitors kept within the rules. While many tried, ultimately, Rob Gibson prevailed and was crowned the winner.

The main event was the reputed "pink ball" team challenge that pitted teams against other teams. Individuals within the team took their turns playing the pink golf ball for one hole each. The competition was best ball, so the team score on each hole was the best score. If a person playing the pink ball lost it, he was then given a yellow ball to play. If teams lost both balls throughout the round then penalty strokes were added to their score at the end of the round. Suffice it to say, there was extra pressure for players when playing one of the coloured balls! It is amazing how attracted these pink and yellow balls were to water hazards, ditches, blackberries, and other out of bounds areas.

Players hung around on the final hole to watch other teams finish. Sean Bremner put on a display by driving the green more than 250 yards on the final hole. The golfing was fun but most seemed to enjoy the fellowship within each group and together at the end of the round.

Relaxing on the patio after the round, the men were served a BBQ dinner while they enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with each other. Prizes were provided for both good golf and good tries! One of the major goals of SDBC's Men's Ministry is to create opportunities for men to have fun and socialize and this event definitely accomplished that goal.

Our Men's Ministry will continue to be busy this summer and fall providing opportunities for guys to get together at events such as a Vancouver Canadians game and a Vancouver Whitecaps game. If you are interested, or would simply like to be informed of other upcoming events, please visit our website.

Posted by Dave Sowerby

Spring Pickleball Tournament Update

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For all you basketball fans out there, March Madness means only one thing: college basketball at its best. At SDBC, March Madness means something else: the spring pickleball tournament, which was held last Saturday, in the gym. Twenty-eight competitors competed in three categories to pit their skills against one another. Some intense competition and incredible shots took place. Spectators cheered on all the players during some good, wholesome competition.

After the finals, our Skills Challenge had both players and spectators vying for chocolate treats. It was fun to see so many people trying to put the ball in the garbage can in the Spring Clean-up Challenge, sinking a 3-pointer in the 3-Point Challenge, and bouncing the ball in the Pickleball on the Edge Challenge.

We then moved into the Chapel and had a wonderful lunch organized by Brenda, Mario, and their kitchen team. Players and spectators got a chance to chat over hamburgers and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

After lunch, Landon Kitagawa, our guest speaker and a runner-up in the tournament, shared his thoughts on pickleball at the church. He noted how players chat while sitting on the sidelines, help each other out with their games, and just get to know each other. He then went on to share his thoughts about the church community at South Delta Baptist, talking about how we, as a church, are called to love, care for, and support each other throughout our lives.

God has blessed us with this wonderful facility and we are on mission to reach out to people in our South Delta community. For more information, please visit our pickleball ministry page.


Posted by Dave Sowerby

Pickleball Ministry

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Two years ago, a few of us from SDBC began playing the fastest growing sport in North America: pickleball. Pickleball is often described as a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Initially, we wanted to have some fun in a friendly environment, as well as get some exercise. With everyone learning how to play all at the same time, we had some pretty good laughs. Word of mouth spread and our numbers grew quickly, to the point where we introduced another evening to accommodate the people coming out each week.

Today, we have seven sessions each week, with over a hundred people attending on a fairly regular basis. 75-85% of these players do not attend our church, with a large percentage of those not attending any church at all. God has given us an incredible opportunity to break down barriers of the unchurched entering a church environment. He has opened up doors for us to develop relationships with so many wonderful people in our community and to expose them to evangelistic opportunities like Alpha, Men’s Breakfast, and other SDBC events. We encourage our church members to reach out to friends, family, and neighbours by inviting them to participate in this fun activity.

When asked to write a “God Story,” I didn't think we would be able to point to a specific example of how God is working. We do know that we have met some wonderful people coming through our gym doors who God loves deeply. We often hear that it is a welcoming, friendly community and we have developed many new friendships. We are in our infancy as a sports ministry, but we trust that God is working through us. We don’t know how God will use this ministry, but we do know He loves each person coming through our doors. We are building relationships by coming alongside those we meet. We love them like Jesus.

We would appreciate your prayers and would love you to partner with us in this ministry of SDBC. For more information please click here. If you would like to get involved, please contact Dave Sowerby

Posted by Dave Sowerby