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Alpha Update

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Alpha has run its course to completion at SDBC. This program is a video series that is geared to open up a conversation with people who know very little of the Christian faith, or perhaps know nothing at all about Jesus and what his place in Christianity is all about.
Like Christianity, Alpha is all about people. It is a program that introduces people to the person of Jesus Christ and teaches us about God, his love for us, and what it means to be a believer in Jesus.
To put on a series like Alpha requires a team. We had 25 men and women involved for each of the nine weeks who came early on Sunday afternoons to pray, serve, and listen to our guests who came to watch and discuss the videos. These 25 people were faithful to the task and came prepared each week to lead a discussion, but mostly they just listened to others as they processed questions they had about their faith journey.
We also had nine different community groups come each week and serve up food for the 40 to 50 weekly attendees. Our guests were treated to a good dose of people sacrificially loving like Jesus by giving time and resources on a Sunday afternoon. We started with 29 guests at the beginning and finished with about 20 who completed the full nine weeks. This was a total community effort!
As a result of the nine week course, one woman made a decision to follow Jesus. I am certain from some comments we received, that there are three, perhaps more, people who are seriously investigating a relationship with Jesus, because of Alpha. I am thrilled this has happened. Often, making a decision to accept Jesus as Saviour happens suddenly; other times it requires a time of processing as the Holy Spirit leads us into faith.
Will you join me and the rest of our amazing Alpha servants, in praying for each one of the attendees of Alpha, that they may begin a relationship with the one true God and his Son Jesus Christ?
The feedback from those serving was overwhelmingly positive for repeating Alpha again soon. It is exciting to be with friends, engaging in a safe and protected environment, free of pressure to consider the claims of the bible and of Christ. We look forward to our next Alpha series where perhaps more people can come find a new relationship with our saviour Jesus.

Posted by Rick Burdett