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Q&A with Kyle McDonald

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Is BC feeling more like home for you and Britni?  
When Britni and I got married in July 2016, there was a lot of uncertainty of where we would settle. I had a full-time job, but was pursuing ministry opportunities. We had a mindset that we could be moving anywhere, at any time. When this opportunity at SDBC came up, we felt God calling us to Tsawwassen and we made the big move. It was a big decision to move away from our families and the area we had known our whole lives but, in these past eight months, we have been able to settle in and call Tsawwassen our home. 

What was the biggest surprise since moving out to BC?
Everyone is very active here. Maybe it has something to do with the climate or the fact that we are surrounded by mountains that just makes everyone want to get outside, but the culture of fitness is unlike anything I saw in Ontario. A few months into living here, I was inspired to buy a bike for the first time in 10 years. I actually use it too! There is nothing quite like being in Stanley Park and seeing just how many people are cycling, jogging, and walking around.

What was the biggest challenge you've faced since doing ministry here?
I think the biggest challenge has been discerning what youth and young adults need out of the ministries we have for them. It took many hours of thinking, planning, and praying to know what these ministries should look like, coming into this fall. One of the main reasons we started our new young adult ministry, Reach, was because we saw a need to step out of our comfort zones and do something that would challenge young adults in their walk with God and create a space to invite others in. For youth and preteen ministries, we started a series on the story of the bible and how it all points to Jesus. One of the greatest needs for youth is to know what they believe, why they believe it, and how the bible is relevant to their lives. 

What are you looking forward to in Youth and Young Adult ministry?
For youth ministry, I'm looking forward to seeing the youth engage with the bible. With the way we have formatted our teaching times now, we are not only speaking to our youth but we are having them actually open up the bible, read it, and discuss things with each other and their leaders. Our preteen ministry has seen many kids come out that don't know the bible story. Through group messages and small groups, we are able to teach the story of the bible and know what these stories mean for them today. For our new young adult ministry, Reach, I'm excited to see new people connecting with our young adults. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned for this group beyond just the Tuesday night programs. 
Do you have any prayer requests?
Pray for the leaders in youth and young adults ministries. These ministries can be hard, tiring, and discouraging at times for volunteers, but, it is also incredibly rewarding when we see God at work through them. 

Pray for youth and young adults in South Delta to know Christ, as this is what motivates these ministries. 

Pray for the Reach mentorship program. This is an exciting new program that connects young adults with someone in the church who is able to pray with them, share biblical truths with them, and help them through this time of life. We would love to see every youth and young adult in our church being mentored by another member of our church.

Posted by Kyle McDonald

Global Missions Team

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Our Global Missions Team and the SDBC Advocates are connected to the missionaries who are supported financially by SDBC. Each of our supported missionaries has an advocate who stays in constant contact with them, praying with and for them, and keeping the GMT and the congregation informed about their work where they are serving.
We have several missionaries who, due to the countries and the situations they live in, must remain "under the radar" to safely and effectively serve. One such project involves our work in India. Because Christianity in India is not always safe, physically and politically, our work there is not something we can advertise or promote, especially on the web or in social media.
We have two of our people going to India soon to engage in teaching several groups of pastors and ministry workers, over a two-week period. This trip will include a stop at a Good Shepherd school in northern India, which SDBC has an ongoing relationship with. We expect to be able to meet with the school principal, teachers, and some of the students, and report back to the church all that we observe. This is a significant trip for our church as we begin to consider how to raise the necessary funds to complete the school facilities, allowing these Dalit students to gain an education that will aid them in rising above the low caste status they currently have.
Please pray for this team as they prepare to teach the pastors more about the bible and engage with the school. If you would like to contribute funding to the travel expenses of these two men, you may do so by simply noting India Missions on your giving envelopes, or your online giving. I encourage you to continue to support the great and effective work that we started nearly seven years ago, by helping with the expenses for the trip and, more importantly, by praying for this trip.

Posted by Rick Burdett

Thanksgiving and Compassion

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About two weeks ago, one of our compassion ministries hosted a BBQ at Kin Village Senior Care Centre. These faithful servants are developing significant relationships with many of the residents at Kin Village. A large number of these residents are now members, or regular attendees, of our services at SDBC.
This team represents one of several SDBC ministry outlets at Kin Village. They host a weekly bible study, taught by Marilyn Carmack, each Monday afternoon at 2PM in one of the Kin Village dining rooms. It is followed by a coffee and tea time where others like Marilyn are able to get to know the residents in a more personal way. Another group of SDBC volunteers put on a similar coffee/tea time every other Saturday.
By being available, with hearts to help and serve, the gospel is being shared vocally by teaching and serving. These outreaches enable us to just be friends with the residents. We are able to get to know them and then help those who are in need of assistance, including medical help or counselling. It is a ministry of putting the love of Jesus into action.
There are individuals and families who regularly serve at Kin Village. Some go to the facilities monthly and put on a church service for the residents, while others just go and sing to those who cannot leave the facilities.
Kin Village is a God Story in our own city. Perhaps you have a desire to come alongside one of our several outreaches at Kin Village. If so, please contact our Kin Village coordinators, Chris and Dianne, at  and let them know of your interest. When we serve like this, being thankful takes on a significantly greater meaning in our lives.

Posted by Rick Burdett

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