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Summer Internships

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As we announced on Sunday, we will be raising funds to support three summer internships. We benefited from the Canada Summer Jobs grants in previous years, but because we could not check the newly required attestation box in good conscience, our application for the grants has been rejected this year (please read this blogpost for more information on this issue). Leadership development, however, is a tremendously important part of our duty as a church, and it is something that we have done well in the past. We hope to continue this legacy of investing in young leaders to develop them for Kingdom impact. We are looking to invest in two youth interns and an intern to work with SDBC Kids over the summer (May to August). In order for us to fund these internships, we are putting on a bake sale on Mother’s Day (May 13th) after the church service. All proceeds from the bake sale will go toward the summer internships. In addition to the bake sale, we are collecting a love offering for these internships on June 3rd during our Sunday morning service. Please come prepared to bless three young people with internships that will provide them valuable experience this summer. An important thing to note is that whenever we raise funds outside of our general budget, we are asking the congregation to give above and beyond what they already give regularly to the church. Please do not redirect what you would have given as a tithe or an offering to the church to support these internships, but consider giving above and beyond your current commitment to the church. We thank you in advance for your partnership in supporting these interns! May God be glorified by your sacrificial giving, and may the interns glorify God with their hard work for His Kingdom this summer!

Posted by Paul Park

Bridges 2018

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Imagine looking out over the vastness of dark teal-blue water, surrounded by majestic mountains with seabirds flying overhead, and being soothed by the warm wind to the depth of your soul as you embrace God's wonderful creation. It doesn't get any better than this, does it?

Now add friends to this scene, both old and new. Whether they are friends that you touch base with regularly, or friends that you haven't seen for a while, there will be time for all of them. You will be able to connect on this weekend, surrounded by nature with no distractions. We will also be inspired by worship, scripture, testimonies, and times of prayer.
The Bridges 2018 planning team is looking forward to seeing what God will do among us, during these, and many other, God-filled moments during the weekend of September 28th-30th. Our desire is to facilitate a weekend away where women are able to CONNECT with each other. We want to bless the women who attend with time: time to relax, to meet with Jesus, to be inspired by what God is doing among us, and to enjoy each other's company. There will be times where we gather for a purpose, to meet God, but also times of fun! We will share delicious meals (that we don't have to prepare), play games, share candy and chocolate, relax in the hot tub, play tennis, or walk the forest of Keats Island. This will be a weekend to relax, build relationships, and CONNECT.

Please be in prayer for this weekend. Pray for the women who will attend, the planning team as they continue to organize the weekend, and for those who will be sharing with us during our different sessions.

For more information, visit our web site. Online registration for this women's retreat will open after the service on Sunday, April 22nd. Our team will also be at the Spotlight Table to answer questions and facilitate registration. Space is limited.

Posted by Suzanne Uher

Compassion Ministry

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Wherever Jesus went in his three years of ministry, he faced the endless task of showing mercy and compassion to people who were hurting. These hurts ranged from physical pain, like the lame man whose friends lowered him through a roof to be touched by Jesus, to the threat of death, like the prostitute before the crowd wanting to stone her. He touched the blind, and healed people from demonic oppression to the woman with bleeding issues. 

This was not the real mission of Jesus. His real mission was to come as God’s sacrificial lamb, to take away the sins of all people who will believe that God loves them so much that he would send his son to die for us. Yet, Jesus showed us how to live a life of compassion while keeping his focus on his mission. 

Over these past several months, God has allowed me to catch a glimpse of how so many of our people at SDBC show compassion to others as we pursue our mission of sharing the gospel message with our neighbours. Specifically, it seems like we have experienced an unusual amount of deaths in recent months. When families and friends are walking through the difficult days and months following the death of a loved one they need compassion. Jesus modelled compassion for us as he encountered the death of his friend Lazarus. 

I observe the same Christlike behaviour in you, our local church, when death occurs. It seems like our patience grows, our concerns for the hurting receives your attention, and many sacrifices are made to simply show mercy and compassion to those experiencing great loss. The compassion I see across all parts of our local body of believers is a clearly demonstrated example of compassionate love - just like Jesus showed us. It is very much a collective story of how Christianity is to work, and we get to see this as a result of your commitment to love like Jesus while you stay on mission of sharing the gospel message. 

Compassion at SDBC is indeed a remarkable God story that needs to be encouraged and celebrated. I love watching God at work in your lives at times like these. I want to encourage you as our church family to continue your individual acts of compassion as you missionally engage our community and world. I believe God is pleased when we mirror what Jesus demonstrated.

Posted by Rick Burdett

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