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New Sermon Series: Everyday God For Everyday People

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In past years, we used to celebrate the "Fall Launch" with a church wide BBQ lunch, special activities for families, and a new sermon series. However, with everything that is going on in the world with the pandemic, our fall launch will look quite different this year. There will not be a church wide lunch, but we are launching into a new sermon series in the book of Esther, which is one of the most dramatic stories you will come across. We are calling the series Everyday God for Everyday People because, in the book of Esther, the author does not explicitly mention the word "God," at all, and yet the entire book is teeming with examples of how God works through everyday people in everyday things. In a world where many people want to see God work in supernatural and miraculous ways at the snap of a finger, the book of Esther invites us to pay attention to what God is doing in the whispers; in the small things that lead to God's sovereign plan coming together for our good in our lives. I am excited to delve into the word of God with you through this series. Please pray for our preaching team as we prepare for this series and for our church family--that we would have listening ears to hear what God will say through the book of Esther. The series starts on September 13th; invite your friends to watch online!

Posted by Paul Park

AGM 2020 Announcement

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Our Annual General Meeting was postponed indefinitely due to the global pandemic and the ensuing restrictions on large gatherings. Even though we are still limited in what we can do, we have decided that it is time for us to move forward with our AGM. We have some important church business to vote on this year. We are voting on two new elder candidates and the new church bylaws. The AGM packet was distributed online several months ago, and you can download the document HERE

Our plan is to hold our AGM on September 15th at 7:00PM. As with all of our events, all members who want to attend the AGM in person at the church will have to pre-register for the event (click the button below). All of our current COVID-19 related safety measures will be applicable to this event including the limiting of the event to fifty people or less. If we have more than fifty people register for the AGM, we will open up a secondary location within the campus to host an additional group of up to fifty people. We have checked with the provincial health authorities to ensure that this is safe to do so.

For those of us who are still uncomfortable attending a gathering like this, we will be live-streaming the AGM on our Church Online platform. This is the same platform that we use for our Sunday morning services, so you can click on the same link at 7:00PM on September 15th, and you will be able to join the AGM online. If you choose to attend the AGM online, you can use the chat feature on our Church Online platform to ask questions or make comments, and the moderator and staff will facilitate the chatroom so that the online participants can communicate to those who are meeting in-person.

If you are wondering how you will be able to vote if you choose to participate online, we will have "voting stations" set up at the 56th street entrance of our church where you can sign-in as a member, verify that you have watched the AGM online, and cast your vote on a ballot. The voting station will be open on September 16th from 8:30AM-10:00AM and on September 17th from 5:00PM-7:00PM. Scrutineers will be at the voting stations and will help you if you have any questions while maintaining social distancing. Your privacy will be ensured as you vote at the voting station.

If you happen to be self-isolating or in quarantine because you have travelled outside of the country or have symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home and let us know by emailing or calling the church office so that we can drop off the ballot at your home so that you can still vote and participate online. If you will be using this method of participating in the AGM, please let us know by September 14th so that we could set this up for you.

We recognize that this is a lot of information and a bit more complicated than we would like, but our goal is to conduct the AGM in a safe manner while allowing all members access to the AGM whether digitally or in person. If you have any questions regarding the process, please give us a call at the church office (604-943-8244; M-Th, 9AM-4PM).

Finally, please pray for our AGM and the business on the table. May God lead and direct us in a way that is pleasing to him and good for our church family.

Posted by Paul Park

SDBC Kids: New Curriculum

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Hello SDBC Families! The past five months have been quite different for us with our SDBC Kids program. We have had to adjust how we deliver the same content from Sunday mornings at church to online in your homes. I know many of you watch weekly and your kids are loving the videos! 

What Does Our Online Programming Look Like?
Each week, SDBC Kids posts two videos on our website: one for our Movers and Preschool ages and the other for kids in Kindergarten to Grade Four. These videos are fun and engaging for your kids with worship songs, a story that fits with the monthly theme, and a life application for your child. Along with the video, we send out content for you to engage your children with easy, at-home activities and devotionals.

If you are not currently receiving our weekly SDBC Kids programming, please email Sue Gibson to be added to our email list!

Looking Forward to Fall
One thing you may have noticed is that our curriculum has changed! We are excited to announce that we have started using Orange Curriculum for our SDBC Kids programming.

This curriculum is something we are very excited about because we feel it is quality content that is current and really meets our kids where they are at developmentally. Orange also provides great resources for you as a parent! This curriculum gives us so much flexibility in the current times with ways to do Sunday programming online, as well as when we can meet back in person at church.

Each month is a different theme that goes through topics like identity and image, creativity, friendship, and integrity.

Our First Look content is geared towards our Movers/Preschool children with Ollie the Owl and his friends sharing stories from the Wonder Clubhouse!

Our 252 Kids content is geared towards those in kindergarten and up. The video is the same for all ages but with age specific activities and devotionals.

How Can You Engage With Our Curriculum at Home?
Each week our lessons have a Parent Cue. The Parent Cue gives you an overview of the scripture covered, keywords used, and practical ways to connect with what your child has learned.

There is also an at-home activity for you to do alongside your child that ties into their lesson. For the older kids, each week there is a four-day devotional for their specific age group to work through with you or on their own. This leads them deeper into the theme for that month by reading scripture and reflecting on God's Word.

Coming Up
Watch for social media posts, socially distant get-togethers, fun memorization challenges with prizes, and maybe even some virtual hangouts!

Keep safe and healthy! We miss you and your families!

Posted by Megan Sprinkle

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