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A New Podcast and a Spring Drive-thru!

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Episode Five of our SDBC Podcast came out yesterday! This episode highlights a community organization called BabyGoRound. BabyGoRound is an organization that serves low income families and moms all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley by providing essential baby items, such as gear, diapers, and clothing, needed to welcome a new baby into their home.

In this episode, Paul and I interview Lisa Brooks (Executive Director) and Alyssa Gibson (Marketing Manager) to hear about the BabyGoRound mission and vision, the origin story, and how they have helped our local communities, including South Delta. At the end of the podcast, you will hear us mention an opportunity to partner with us to support BabyGoRound! Click here to listen to episode five!

On March 27th, from 10AM-2PM, we will be having a Spring Drive-thru in the courtyard of SDBC. As part of this Drive-thru, we will be having a "New Items" drive for BabyGoRound. We will be collecting:

  • new sleepers (ages 0-24 months)
  • new baby outfits (ages 0-24 months)
  • new towels and/or washcloths (for ages 0-24 months)

This is an opportunity for our whole church family to come together to love and support our community and the greater community around us. Please consider joining us in donating these items to BabyGoRound!

As well as the donations for BabyGoRound, the Children's Ministry team is going to have a tent at the Spring Drive-thru! The team recognizes that they will not be able to celebrate Easter Sunday as they usually do with families, but they have a fun way for families to make Easter memorable and Jesus-focused at home! Families will be able to pick up a fun and exciting package at the drive-thru to enjoy together this coming Easter season. The team is already looking forward to seeing the families and kids that they have been missing so much! 

There are more details to come, but please mark March 27th on your calendar! The staff is looking forward to seeing you, handing out Easter packages to families, and collecting the items listed above for BabyGoRound!

Posted by Mary Grierson

Catching up With Staff: Jordan

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This week is our last week of the staff series! We have spent the last 15 weeks getting to know the staff here at SDBC and learning about how COVID has changed their lives and work. Can you believe it has been 15 weeks since the first interview? Time just flew by!

Today we hear from Jordan Scott, our Executive Pastor! Jordan is a fantastic leader, co-worker, and friend. Some notable aspects of Jordan that we all love and appreciate are his one-of-a-kind sense of humour, his gentle, yet persistent, realism, and his great love for people and this church. It is a total blessing to work with Jordan!

What is your role at SDBC and how long have you worked here?
I first started working at SDBC in the summer of 2006 as a youth intern. Since 2006, I've had the privilege of serving in a number of different roles on staff, including my current role as Executive Pastor. 

What is something about you that people in the church might be surprised to discover?
In my early twenties, I had the opportunity to go on a backpacking trip primarily through Europe. Part of this adventure included taking a ferry from Spain to Morocco in Africa. The first city we travelled to in Morocco was Marrakesh. We arrived midday and were dropped off at the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa square to the sights and sounds of something from Indiana Jones. We were immediately invited to watch a street performance. I thought this performance was musical in nature as a man started playing a flute-like instrument. Seconds later, a giant snake emerged from a basket. I have an incredible fear of snakes. I also have an irrational fear of snake charmers!

What are some of the things you love most about being part of the SDBC community/family?
I love that our church is committed to being a light in our community. We have always been a church that invests in initiatives and ministries that are centred around sharing the Gospel and connecting people to Jesus. My faith journey is reflective of this priority. I hope and pray that God continues to use SDBC as a missional force in our community!

How has your role shifted and changed since the start of COVID-19?
At the start of COVID-19, we had to pivot much of what we do offsite and into an online/digital context, which involved quickly planning, learning, and implementing new technology and new ways of doing ministry. A major part of this shift involved establishing new policies for staff, ministry, rentals, memorials, and weddings in order for our church to operate during COVID-19. We've had to continually make changes and tweaks as COVID has unfolded. Being a planner and strategic thinker, I've had to remain flexible as we've gone through a number of different phases of COVID-19 that make long term planning difficult.

What are some of the challenges and triumphs you have encountered in your life and work since the beginning of COVID 19?
A big part of why I love being a pastor is people. I love connecting with people and COVID has dramatically reshaped how I do that part of my job. I've missed the ability to gather in-person on Sunday mornings along with many of our weekly ministries. I've also found it difficult to do something as simple as grabbing a coffee at Petra's with people. While I am thankful for the ability to call someone on the phone or connect with someone on Zoom, being with people in real life is much preferred!

One of the triumph's I've noted over the course of COVID-19 is how well our staff has adapted, remained joyful, and grown. I'm incredibly thankful we have a fantastic staff team that is flexible, supportive, encouraging, and committed to SDBC.

How can we pray for you in this season of life?
Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we navigate the church forward during a challenging season of life full of uncertainty due to COVID-19. Pray that despite church being very different right now, that we would see people come to faith in Christ!

Click here to email encouragement to Jordan.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Catching up With Staff: James

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This week we hear from James Cox! James is what we affectionately refer to as a "lifer" here at SDBC. He was born and raised at SDBC and is now on staff! James is an awesome part of our team and his love and passion for the youth is very evident in his life and ministry!

What is your role at SDBC and how long have you worked here?
I am the youth intern here at SDBC! I have been an intern for five and a half years, with my role and responsibilities changing over the years. For the past year, specifically, I have been given the opportunity to lead both the Gap (grades 8-12) and Gap Jr. (grades 5-7) ministries.

What is something about you that people in the church might be surprised to discover?
Before planning on going into ministry, I went to Kwantlen for their drafting program. I studied there for a year with the dream of one day being an architect but then felt the call into ministry.

What are some of the things you love most about being part of the SDBC community/family?
I have been a part of this church my entire life, and love everything about our community here at SDBC. People in our congregation are so generous and supportive of each other. My wife, Lauren, and I really experienced this love and commitment of the church community when we were sick with COVID in September and received constant prayer and support.

How has your role shifted and changed since the start of COVID-19?
Leading youth ministry through the pandemic has certainly been interesting! As of March last year, I began working from home and all activity had to transition online through Zoom meetings, social media presence, and intentional connection from leaders and students. Throughout the spring, I worked through a Q&A sermon series with pre-recorded messages and live Zoom sessions to reach out to our youth and answer their questions on faith and life. When slight changes were made to restrictions in the summer, I was able to move our Gap program to in-person events. We got together two nights a week in order to engage our high-school-aged youth as much as we could while restrictions allowed. At that time, I continued to engage the Gap Jr. ministry through our online format. By the fall, I was able to launch in-person gatherings for both Gap and Gap Jr. which was a huge blessing to the group. However, since November, we have been back online and will continue to engage this way until it is safe for us to gather together again.

What are some of the challenges and triumphs you have encountered in your life and work since the beginning of COVID-19?
My wife, Lauren, and I have had quite an eventful time since the beginning of COVID-19. The restrictions and safety concerns caused us to re-plan most of our wedding and guest list. We had to work through Lauren's changes to her school schedule as clinical work and exams were shifted to account for the virus. During her nursing clinical, she was exposed to COVID-19 and, unfortunately, both of us then caught it and had to quarantine for nearly a month at the beginning of fall. This was a challenge for leading youth ministry, but through the grace of God, Bowen and Hannah Bakken chose to volunteer above and beyond in order to lead the youth group on Sunday nights while Lauren and I recovered. Through this time, all our youth leaders did an amazing job, each taking on extra responsibilities and putting in the effort to continue engaging with our youth.

For me, personally, all of my schooling has been online for a few semesters, which has meant adjustments and extra discipline to continue excelling in school. I am very extroverted, so having all my work, school, and personal connection moved online for so long has been challenging. However, I am thankful even in this season of COVID-19 as it has truly shown me the goodness of God in the midst of challenges and how he will always provide for us.

How can we pray for you in this season of life?
Through this season of life, I would appreciate prayer for our youth. Please pray that they would continue to engage and not suffer from "Zoom fatigue" as we continue meeting online. I also ask that you pray for those not regularly attending our online meetings, that they would not lose motivation and would continue to connect with those in our group when they need community. Also pray for the health and safety of this community as we wait in anticipation for the day we can meet in person again!

Click here to email encouragement to James.

Posted by Mary Grierson

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