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Easter Weekend at SDBC

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It's kind of crazy to think that only one year ago, we were bracing ourselves for the first-ever exclusively online SDBC Easter celebration. The staff and volunteers were in a mad hustle trying to figure out how to navigate the most important event on the church calendar, without actually gathering together in one place. Thankfully, the church resolved to be the church; to worship Jesus, the risen Saviour, no matter the circumstances. And, as a staff, we couldn't be more proud of the way SDBC has trusted Jesus throughout this pandemic and shown incredible love and care to each other and to our neighbours around us.

Here we are again, approaching Easter, not with the surprise of a pandemic upon us, but with the weariness of its unrelenting effects. Like a dark storm cloud, it has loomed overhead, stripping the earth of its vibrant colour and casting its shadow on the masses. But there is a fantastic song lyric that goes something like this: "The shadow proves the sunshine." We know there is sunshine beyond these shadows. We know there will be a bright and hopeful end to this pandemic. We can sense it in the spring air. We can feel it in the warm breeze. It is coming!

But beyond this particular time in history, as momentous as it is, this Easter, we look back to an event that changed everything. On Easter weekend, we will continue to worship the One who endured the darkest of shadows, the shadow of death itself, on our behalf--FOR OUR FREEDOM. Join us online at 7PM on April 2nd for our Good Friday service, when we will contemplate and consider the One who, out of love, went willingly to Calvary and paid the ultimate cost--FOR OUR FREEDOM. On Easter Sunday morning (April 4th) at 11AM, we will wonder at the One who is no longer held under the grasp of death and grave, but is RISEN, forever! All honour and power are his, all glory forever, amen! So, let us celebrate online and echo loudly together, "He is risen!" Let us hear the stories of Christ's FREEDOM in the lives of his people.

Posted by Jayson Oldham

In-person Support Group for Youth

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Despite the challenges this pandemic has brought, our youth ministry has continued to connect with and develop our youth. With our weekly online meetings, the youth have had the opportunity to connect with friends and leaders they cannot see in person. It has been a great few months but meeting over Zoom is not the same as in-person.

That's why we are so excited to launch an in-person gathering on Wednesday afternoons at 4PM for those in grades 8 to 12. With the current health orders in place, our group is able to meet as a support group to encourage one another and help develop the faith of our students. We have gathered together twice so far, and it has been such a blessing to connect in person and to see the way God is working through this ministry.

As the pandemic continues, we will be watching the health orders diligently and taking each opportunity we can to engage the youth of South Delta in the safest way possible. Please pray for our youth, as this time of isolation has been particularly hard for them, and pray that God would continue to bless this ministry. You can click here to learn more.

Posted by James Cox

Community Support for Starfish Pack

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This month, a local community movement called South Delta Local has started the South Delta Hot Chocolate Fest. Local bakeries and coffee shops from all over South Delta are taking part in this event by creating a signature hot chocolate drink or pastry that customers can order for a limited time only. South Delta Hot Chocolate Fest began on February 14th and runs until March 7th.

You might be reading this and thinking, "Why is Mary talking about a hot chocolate fest? I thought she was going to talk about Starfish!" Well, talking about the South Delta Hot Chocolate Fest IS talking about our Starfish Pack program, since one dollar from every signature hot chocolate or hot chocolate pastry sold is going to Starfish Pack South Delta!

One of the organizers had contacted me to learn more about Starfish Pack and expressed interest in supporting us through this hot chocolate event. I was so excited to hear this because, not only does that mean support for Starfish financially, but it also means that our community is aware of and cares about the South Delta Starfish Pack program.

Starfish is currently serving approximately 30 students each week. We are at six elementary schools and both of our local high schools; and numbers continue to grow. There is a definite need for this program, and each week we have an amazing team of volunteers that pack and deliver the packs to make this program possible. I think about how we began Starfish Pack two years ago with one school, spreading the word about this program as best we could, and I marvel at how God has blessed us with such amazing volunteers and community support. This has allowed us to grow and to continue to reach students and families who need this program.

I hope that reading this has encouraged you as it encouraged me when I heard about the support from this local community event. May we continue to love and serve our community and give all the glory to God, from whom all blessings flow. If you need something fun to do this weekend -- maybe go grab a hot chocolate! You can click here to see what local cafes and bakeries are participating in this event.

Posted by Mary Grierson

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