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60th Anniversary Final Update

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Our 60th anniversary celebration was a fantastic reminder of God's faithfulness and his lavish grace, which we have received throughout the sixty years of our history. To celebrate this important milestone, we set out to raise funds for three projects that would see us invest in the next generation of our community: 1. Improvements to our Youth and Children's facilities; 2. Starfish Pack; 3. SDBC Tutoring.

The designated fund for the 60th Anniversary Projects was open until the end of 2019, and we aimed to raise $60,000 for these three projects. We have tallied up all the funds that came in throughout the year, and we're thankful to announce that we have raised $76,977 for the 60th Anniversary Projects. Thank you for participating in our celebration and giving toward these needs in our community. We also want to recognize local businesses that partnered with us to invest in the next generation together. We look forward to seeing the impact of these funds on families' and students' lives. We pray that God will multiply the impact of these funds so that it would bear amazing fruit for his glory and for the benefit of many people.

Posted by Paul Park