What is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage Mentoring Ministry was started at SDBC in response to the needs of our congregation. Startling statistics indicate that 50% of marriages end in divorce. The same statistic even applies to Christian couples. It is obvious that there is a major cultural trend indicating that couples do not discuss their relationship issues, until it is too late. The Marriage Mentoring Ministry is intended to curb this trend by discussing hard issues before facing the pain and distress of separation and/or divorce.

Our Marriage Mentoring team consists of nine couples who have demonstrated a strong faith and a positive marriage experience. All couples have been trained and certified in the Marriage Mentoring Program of nationally known Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. The Parrotts are certified marriage mentor trainers and operate out of Seattle; both also teach at the University of Washington. Some of their books on the subject of marriage and relationships are featured on RightNow Media as bible studies.

This ministry is intended to guide couples through an informal discussion of issues that often afflict relationships. It is not intended to be counseling, but rather an exploration of how other couples have handled similar situations. It focuses on a sharing of experiences and is based on Christian values and principles.

This ministry will focus on three types of relationships:

  • those in new marriages, who are seeking ways to handle new issues as a couple;
  • those with good marriages, who are seeking to improve their relationship; and,
  • those in marriages who are stuck on issues and are open to a fresh perspective.


steps to getting a marriage mentor:

If you and your spouse are interested in receiving care from one of our couples in our Mentoring Ministry, please complete the form below. This form will be sent to our Directors of Marriage Mentoring who will be in touch shortly to arrange a meeting with you and discuss placement. The terms of confidentiality will be further explained by the Directors of Marriage Mentoring during this first meeting. 

For more information about this ministry, please email .