The Joy of Living Generously

Radical Faithfulness

Paul ParkSeptember 3, 2023

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Passage: Nehemiah 5:14-19

In this text, we learn how Nehemiah exemplified godly generosity in the way he served the people of God in his leadership role. Generosity is a call on every Christ follower's life, but this is especially so if you're a leader. The call on our lives is to demonstrate radical generosity to reflect God's generosity unto the world and to bless the people around us. The best way to learn the joy of generosity is to be inspired by the generosity that was shown to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. While we were sinners, Jesus gave his beautiful and precious life for us. By his sacrificial gift, we received so much more than we dare hope; so much more than we deserved or even expected. Let's allow Christ's generosity to inspire us to follow after his awesome example.

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