Rick Burdett


Paul Park

Lead Pastor

Jordan Scott



Darlene Baltzer

Kitchen Services Coordinator

Janet Boivin

Director of Women's Ministries

Lisa Bremner

Family Ministry Coordinator

Sean Bremner

Family Ministry Coordinator

Ryan Choi

Director of Korean Ministry/Visual Communications Director

James Cox

Youth Intern

Sonya Dobson

Director of Finance

Dave Dodds

Director of Facility Maintenance

Sue Gibson

Office and Facility Administrator

Doug Harris

Traditional Worship Leader

Megan Johnson

SDBC Kids Coordinator

Kyle McDonald

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Lynda Nemeth

Assistant to Worship Arts

Gatlin Saip

Director of Worship Arts

Kaitlyn Shipowich

SDBC Kids Intern

Richard Staples

Audio/Visual Technician

Mary Uher

Associate Director of Worship Arts

Rebecca Wong

Office & Communication Coordinator

Katie Yakiwchuk

Director of First Steps Preschool


Dan Barczi

Rob Bogress

Chris Campbell


Dave Dobson

Peter Grierson

Chair of the Board

Greg Hislop

Garry Horwood

Gerard van Dop

Terry Weatherly