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Men's Ministry Retreat

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Why is it so hard for men to get together? We are called to fellowship together in community (Hebrews 10:24-25). One of those communities are the men of South Delta. Despite the call to be in fellowship, many men find themselves isolated from their Christian brothers.

The bible calls us to fellowship together for many reasons: encouragement (1 Thessalonians 5:11); support (Galatians 6:2); learning (Acts 2:42); social health (1 Peter 3:8); and accountability (Proverbs 27:17) just to name a few. Our Men's Ministry believes this and works to create opportunities for men to fellowship together.

Over the last year, we have done a number of events where groups of men have gathered. A small group was able to snowshoe up Hollyburn Mountain and then enjoy a great lunch together. Many men, including those from our broader South Delta community, were able to listen to BC Lions quarterback Travis Lulay speak at our annual men's breakfast. Another highlight this past year was when a group of men went over together to Camp Qwanoes at the beginning of the summer for the annual work weekend. For those that don't know, Camp Qwanoes is our church's camp that serves to "love kids to a life like no other in Jesus" from the lower mainland and the island. We were able to work side by side on projects together and just hang out and socialize in a wonderful setting. New relationships were formed, and existing ones were strengthened through these experiences.

Our next upcoming opportunity to gather in fellowship is the fall men's retreat which will take place November 23rd-25th at Camp Qwanoes, located on the ocean in beautiful Crofton on Vancouver Island. We will be walking onto the ferry at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal on Friday, November 23rd, and will get picked up and transported to Qwanoes where we will enjoy the company and fellowship of men from South Delta and many other churches. Great food, amazing activities, worship, and great biblical teaching will fill the weekend and provide opportunities for fellowship and reflection. Sunday after lunch, we will be transported back the ferry where can enjoy the trip back to Tsawwassen. Are you being called to join us? For more information, and to register for this retreat, click the button below.

Posted by Landon Kitagawa

Thanksgiving Fundraiser Thank You

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Wow, what an amazing gift you have given First Steps Preschool! When I was told that the goal of raising $10,000 was reached through the Thanksgiving offering, I was incredibly humbled. Thank you, SDBC family, for your generosity towards our church preschool. Your contributions will have a direct impact on our church and community. Because of your faithful giving, we will be able to replace items that are over 20 years old, as well as add new resources to our classroom. We will be able to better support the needs of our children, provide higher quality learning, and a more play-filled experience for our current and future students. Keep your eyes on our classroom and outside playground to see what we will be purchasing over the next few months. Thank you for blessing First Steps Preschool!

Posted by Katie Yakiwchuk

Food on the Corner

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Food on the Corner has been "helping feed those in need in the inner city of Vancouver since 1983." When we were in the process of buying a new truck for Food on the Corner (FCS), we were confronted with higher than expected costs to equip and insure the new truck. At one of our Wednesday night board meetings we discussed our shortfall of $5,000. We had no idea where we could raise the money from and complete the changeover to the new truck. Before the meeting took place, a couple of people had volunteered to lend FCS about $3,000, but it would have to be paid back in the next couple years. So the question was placed on the agenda, should we, or can we, go into debt?" At the meeting, it was decided that we might have to take that offer in order to purchase the truck if we could get a legal opinion on how to do it within the terms of our constitution.

The following Saturday, Tom Scott and I drove the old truck down to 222 Main Street for our weekly food distribution. On our trip home we discussed the proposal and committed to further prayer. Later that day, as I was out in my yard raking leaves and, as I often do, talking to our Lord, I told him that I felt like the king in the parable of Jesus who did not count the cost to go to war. I told Him that I did not know what He wanted us to do. Just then, my cell phone rang and it was Tom. He told me that while he was downtown he had received two envelopes from donors there and he had just opened the envelopes. He ask me if I was sitting down. I said to him, "No, but what was in those envelopes?" Tom said the first one had $250 and the second one had $5,000. In that instant, I had God's answer and God's provision. Sometimes you pray and wait and other times you pray and He acts. His Sovereignty is trustworthy and true.

Posted by Eric Tegelberg

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