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What Does a Woman of God Look For in a Man?

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After nearly three years of walking with my care receiver through a painful separation and ultimate divorce, he one day announced to me that the next woman with whom he would be involved, would be a “woman of God.” “Good,” I thought to myself, “but you are not yet really equipped to attract a woman of God.” Before I knew it, the following question came spilling out of my mouth, “So, what does a woman of God look for in a man?" I knew then that the question was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I had made a negative judgement, but what came out of my mouth was a profound question. God gave me the right words, which is what I often pray for before meeting with my care receiver.

He paused, he stirred, he thought deeply, quietly zoning out for about 15-20 seconds, thinking through the question. Then, he solemnly looked at me and whispered to me in a quiet voice, “She would look for a man of God.” The whisper was more like a booming declaration, a discovery, an insightful realization. It was one of those moments when you sense that something weighty has just occurred.

I did not know it then, but that moment was a pivotal, defining moment in this man’s life. In the following weeks and months, he dedicated time daily to reading the bible, praying, reading devotionals, and essentially building a personal relationship with his Lord Jesus Christ. The conversations which ensued became Christ-centered. He was becoming a man of God.

This God story has a sequel. It had a boomerang impact on me. My thought was: if I want to become more attractive to my wife who is a woman of God, I had better work on becoming a better man of God.

God does work in mysterious ways. “God, thank you for these moments of inspiration, with which you grace us.”