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Awana Grand Prix Is Back!

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Happy New Year to you all! I trust you had a wonderful time over the holidays with your family and friends.

A new year can bring on many new commitments for families that can bring busyness to the household. Our Kids Team is committed to helping our families raise their children to love like Jesus and to show who Jesus is to others. We have been blessed by some of your stories of your kids: some who have accepted the Lord as their Saviour, a child’s desire for baptism, and children bringing their friends to our events. We are excited when we are able to come alongside parents who dedicate their children to the Lord. We find it an honour and pleasure to assist our families in any way we can as they raise their kids.

We have many new families who have started attending over this past year and we are eager to get to know them and serve them. One way we can do this is to have family events, and so we will have our first Grand Prix races on January 31st at 7PM. Families are invited to purchase a car kit from our Kids Team and create their own car to participate in the races to see who will be the fastest. You can purchase your $10 car kit from the bus starting January 5th. The kit includes a small pine block of wood, stickers, plastic wheels, axels, and instructions on how to construct a race car. You will be assigned a number, which is provided, and this number must be placed on the completed car.

As a family, you can design your car any way you want. If you need help cutting out your car, let us know and we can direct you to get help. We will need the cars back by Sunday January 26th, in order to weigh them and be ready for the races on the 31st. More information will be with the car kits when you purchase them.

Please join us on race day to see which family will have the fastest car! There will be prizes too! Important dates to remember are:

  • January 5th, 12th, & 19th: car kits on sale at the bus
  • January 26th: last day to turn in completed cars
  • January 31st: Grand Prix Races at 7PM

For more information, click the button below, or email Sue Gibson, our Director of Family Life.

Posted by Sue Gibson

True Girl Pajama Party

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Confusion arises much earlier for today's girls in the area of gender, marriage, and family. On one hand, our culture won't stop talking about these things. On the other, Christian parents are afraid to bring them up. 

Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among youth today, with clinicians and researchers both observing a significant rise. What are the root causes, and how can we help our tweens?

Insecurity strikes at the hearts of girls at younger and younger ages, especially in the area of beauty and body image because culture preys upon women in this area. Within just the last ten years, we've seen beauty icons as young as thirteen rise to celebrity power. Their images are used to tell your daughter that she needs everything from lip gloss to padded bikinis.

Does your daughter struggle with the world's lies, and does your heart ache for her to know truth? Come share the truth she needs to know in a night she'll always remember. The True Girl Tour is the largest mother and tween daughter connecting event, and is a strategic tool for moms to spend an evening planting truth into their daughters' hearts through live worship, a fashion show, interactive games, practical bible teaching, and more!

One mom who attend the True Girl event said, "True Girl is a game changer! Because of this event, we made it through the tween years. Now she opens up to us!"

The True Girl Pajama Party tour is coming to SDBC on October 11th, and we are excited to host this event! You can purchase your tickets online here. We will need help from both men and women during the day for set up, as well as during the evening event. If you are able to serve, please email Sue Gibson, our Director of Family Life.

Posted by Sue Gibson

Hero Training Family Camp Update

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Last week, our Kids Ministry hosted families from our church and community for our Hero Training Family Camp. Our camp was packed with amazing worship, exciting bible stories from the life of David, memory verses, fun games, and many other super hero exercises. The families learned together how to handle the pressure and be honest under the pressure of our daily walk. They also learned that heroes are strong enough to resist temptation when it is in front of us, and that heroes respond to needs by taking action and often do more than what is expected.

It is our desire to strengthen families and provide opportunities for them to learn to be Christ followers together. Parents are the primary spiritual trainers and it was exciting to provide this opportunity to assist them with this training and to see the kids desire to become a Super Hero for the Lord.

This week, our grade school kids will be joining our church family for our entire service. As a church, we value family and it is our desire to be together for a service a few times per year. We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday, and please pray with us for our families, as they continue to raise their children to be Super Heroes for the Lord.

Posted by Sue Gibson