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Starfish Pack Needs Your Help!

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As it says on our website, "hundreds of children in B.C. go to school on Monday morning having had no food over the weekend. Starfish Pack was created in response to this need. We will be partnering with the Delta School District to bring meals to two elementary schools in Tsawwassen....It will cost $525 to sponsor a child for one year of this program, which will provide a backpack each Friday throughout the school year filled with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and some healthy snacks."

This is an amazing initiative and a chance to not only feed hungry kids, but to also shine the light of Christ in our community in a new way. As awesome as this opportunity is, it will take volunteers to make it happen. Starting in September, Thrifty Foods, our partner grocery store, will deliver the food to our church each week. We will need teams of willing volunteers to come to church, pack the backpacks full of the food, and deliver them to the schools (Cliff Drive Elementary and South Park Elementary). Volunteers will then pick up the empty backpacks the following week and return them to the church. Packing will take place every week throughout the school year.

If you are interested in serving on this project, visit the Spotlight table this Sunday to sign up! Also, feel free to email me any questions you may have about this project.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Community Dinner: Join the Team

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For over ten years, a group of volunteers at SDBC, which started with a handful of young adults, plan, prepare, and share a meal on the first Tuesday of the month with those in the community. We have regulars who come from our local senior's homes and local neighbourhoods, some who come faithfully by transit from neighbouring communities, as well as some who are homeless. We warmly welcome them each month with genuine love, concern, and conversation.

We share a restaurant quality meal, cooked by our faithful kitchen team, which is truly appreciated by all who attend. After dinner, we share a personal story or testimony which points them towards the love of Christ in a loving, non-judgemental manner, and end it with more fellowship and a tasty dessert. There is an opportunity to write personal prayer requests and our table hosts are always open and willing to listen and pray with anyone who is open to going deeper.

Why do we do this? Studies suggest that living in isolation from other individuals and/or activity plays a significant role in addiction and subsequent mental health issues. It is becoming more widely understood that the opposite of addiction is connection. While we only meet once a month, SDBC's Community Dinner provides a consistent and meaningful way for people who otherwise lead a solitary, unpredictable, and often negative life, to not only connect but to feel what it is like to be accepted and loved by God.

How can you help? We can always use extra hands in the kitchen, hosts to sit and chat at each table, extra hands to help serve and clean up after the meals, and people to pray for requests and our evening. Time commitment for this ministry is minimal, but truly rewarding, and fulfills our church mission to love like Jesus. If you are interested in serving in one of these areas or would like to talk to one of the team members about serving, please phone the church office at 604-943-8244. You can also email our Community Dinner team.

Community Dinner will be kicking off on Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:30PM. Doors open at 6PM.

60th Celebration Banquet Tickets

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I came to my first Sunday morning service at SDBC on October 20th of 2013. This means I would have been here six years by the time we celebrate our 60th anniversary on October 25th. Even though I have experienced and witnessed God's amazing work through our church in these six years, my personal experience only covers 10% of the sixty years in which God has led our church. Speaking with people who have been a part of our church for much longer helps me appreciate how much grace God has shown our church over the last sixty years. God has been good and He remains good today.

We want to celebrate God's grace in a fun and meaningful way this year. I believe it's important to obey God's command to look back and remember what He has done for us. Jesus commands us to remember Him as we partake in communion. God commanded the Israelites to remember His grace in the Exodus account by instituting the Passover. Over and over again, God teaches us to take advantage of opportunities to celebrate and remember His grace and lordship over our lives.

On October 25th, we're going to celebrate God and His sixty years of grace that He lavishly poured out upon His people in South Delta. Please join us for this special evening to celebrate our Lord and His church with a special banquet at the Tsawwassen Springs Ballroom. We're setting this time apart so that we intentionally reflect on the abundance of blessings He gave us. It will be an evening of thanksgiving and praise to our mighty God. It will also be a time where we look forward to how God will use us to continue to bless our community. Tickets will go on sale this Sunday (August 11th) and we welcome you to invite old friends who were a part of SDBC before so that they may celebrate with us. On Sunday, you'll be able to purchase tickets at the Spotlight Table and pick up invite cards so that you could invite others. You will also be able to purchase tickets through our website until October 1st.

Our celebrations showcase what we care about. Please make this banquet a priority in your plans so that we, together, could showcase what SDBC truly cares about—celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ for all that He has done.

Posted by Paul Park

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