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Becoming Family

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There is a word called "식구(Shik-gu)" in Korean. It means family, but if you transliterate this word, it means "people who eat together." Family means sharing food together. This concept applies equally to the church. You can join in communion together and those who join and participate in the Lord's Supper together can be called a family.

In Mark 3:31-35, Jesus heard that His family had come and He said, "Who are my mother and my brothers?" and He then said, "Here are my mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother." At first glance, it feels like Jesus rejects and denies His family, but Jesus is not a man of such character. Jesus is speaking of the family of the kingdom of God, not the fleshly family. Jesus has come to make a family of God who lives according to God's will.

Our Korean community group members have left their family in Korea. Some have left their parents to immigrate and some have left their beloved husbands to give their children a chance to study in a different environment. Whether it is long-term, or short-term, it is people who have come far away from their family. They come from different cities and different occupations, but all of them came to South Delta and joined our community group.

The SDBC Korean community wants to become a family to people who come here from Korea. We are sharing God's love with them because a family shares good things. Last May, we went on a retreat to Victoria. It was a meaningful time. We laughed a lot, talked a lot, and comforted and encouraged one another. I felt we had such a wonderful family time away from our busy life. After the retreat, someone told me that she could not stop thinking about the time we all had together during the retreat, and it always made her smile. She didn't expect that she could meet new people and feel as if she was part of a family, while being away from home. This helps us realize that whenever new comers come to the church, we should view them as a new family member, rather than just a new person coming to church.

The churches that Paul mentioned in the New Testament were all house churches. In Romans 16, we see that the churches were gathered in the homes of Prisca and Aquila, several Christians, including Asyncritus, gathered elsewhere in the house churches, and several others, including Phiologus, also gathered in the house churches. The most basic aspect of the church was the home, like our community groups. We will be able to understand and be more mindful in our missional life when we are together and love as a family.

At the end of the school year, many people go back to their families in Korea. It's always hard to see people leave when we started to form a strong bond together. However, I pray that they will find good churches and become family members of God in Korea and I look forward to welcoming more new family members here in South Delta.

Posted by Ryan Choi

60th Anniversary

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It has now been a month and a half since Pastors Paul and Jordan announced our 60th anniversary plans, and excitement has been growing ever since! What an awesome opportunity to partner with our community and celebrate all that God has done in us and through us in the last 60 years! It truly has been 60 years of grace.

If you were there to hear the announcement, or have since watched the online video of the announcement, you know that we are raising funds as a way of celebrating our anniversary and giving back to the community. Along with our fundraising initiatives, we will host a celebration banquet on October 25th at Tsawwassen Springs.

This banquet will involve a dinner, live music, and silent auction! We are looking for and gathering items or services for this silent auction, and we wanted to extend that search to the church family. Please let us know if you are able to offer any items or services for this silent auction. Perhaps you are a photographer or a hairdresser and you are able to donate a session. Or, perhaps you own a local business and are able to donate goods. Let's have fun with the silent auction items. For instance, a youth in our church could offer ten hours of babysitting, and when a young family purchases this service, it will result in a youth and a young family in our church getting to know each other better. We highly value community at SDBC, and this is a great opportunity to build community and raise funds for a great cause at the same time!

We are interested in hearing the ideas that may arise from this and are looking forward to the chance to partner together and celebrate as a church family! If you are interested in partnering with us, please email Mary Grierson, our Community Life Coordinator.

Posted by Mary Grierson

Picnicking Together

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On Sunday, July 21st, we will be hosting a church-wide picnic at Brandrith Park, directly following the Sunday service. If you think that this upcoming picnic is not for you, please keep reading. If you think that you are too old, too young, or not connected enough, let me take a minute to explain to you the heart and drive behind why we do events like this!

This is an event that is open for the whole church to attend, and will be a BYOL (bring your own lunch) event. Though there will be games, relays, sports, and a scavenger hunt specifically geared towards kids and families, the heart of this picnic is that it would be a church-wide event. As Community Life Coordinator here at SDBC, events like this get me very excited. These events give us a chance to connect and to fellowship outside of the four walls where we meet every Sunday morning. We have a chance to meet new people and learn and to grow. Every person has a story, a unique, intricate story, and if we only ever talk to the same people and sit in the same pew, we miss out on chances to hear these stories.

With events like these, we are given the chance to grow closer together as the "one body" that God designed us to be. Because this event is also set outside our walls in the community, it also gives us a chance to be the everyday missionaries that we are charged to be. Perhaps you can invite a neighbour or a neighbourhood family to this event! Or, perhaps you will see people around the park on the 21st and can invite them to picnic with us. Whatever the case, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, to grow, to hear stories, and to be missional as a church family.

So bring your lunch, your blanket, your family, and friends and head to Brandrith after the service on the 21st! We look forward to seeing what God has in store for this event, and we look forward to picnicking together as a family.

Posted by Mary Grierson

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