Connections Class

Connections Class

Every Sunday, from 04/28/2019 to 07/28/2019, 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

Christ, Our Righteousness
A Study of Paul's Letter to the Roman Church

Why are we, as hopeless sinners, not immediately destroyed when we stand before the holiness and sovereignty of God who hates sin? Since we have no right to defend ourselves before this righteous, just judge, how are we saved from His judgment against us? Paul deals with this predicament and then gives us his clearest and most profound answer to this question in the letter to the Romans. Our salvation from God's judgment is God's own righteousness. Through union with Christ, when the Judge looks at us – who have accepted this gift by faith – He beholds the righteousness of His Son. But our salvation is not just being saved from death, but also being saved for life. Our union with Christ is also a participation in His life. And so, we rejoice in this great salvation, and our highest desire is, therefore, to see Christ honoured and gloried in all we do. 

We explored these mighty themes in our previous study of chapters 1 through 8. Now we will continue our study by covering the remaining 8 chapters (9 through 16). Come join us again and be amazed once more, or for the first time, at what God has done for you in offering you this great salvation of peace with Him, and to see how we should live our lives in response to such a great salvation.

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