We are a church on mission--a church striving to love like Jesus in all that we do. On Sunday mornings, we gather together to learn how we can participate in the mission of God, to be reminded of God's love for us, and to rekindle our affection for Him. We also gather on Sundays to worship our Lord together. We do this in many ways: by diving into his word, by praying together as a family, and by lifting his name high with songs of praise.

Worship is not exclusively musical in nature. Rather, music is just one way to express our worship of our God. Songs of praise help us remember God's strength, love, righteousness, goodness, and grace. We are reminded of who he is and who we are in light of what he has done for us. As we sing together, our desire is that our worship would be unified and pleasing to our Lord. He is the Lord our God and he deserves all of our praise, all of our music, all of our worship, and all of our hearts.