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Who is the Greatest? Christ-centred Living

Series: Gospel Fluency: Church on Mission

Speaker: Jordan Scott

Mark 9:30-37 // ​​​In this section of text, we see an underlying theme of obedience and humility being demonstrated by Jesus, in word and deed, as he is heading towards Jerusalem and the cross, obedient to the will of the Father. Jesus explicitly foreshadows his coming rejection, suffering, death, and resurrection. However, there is a disconnect with his disciples fully understanding this coming reality. In light of this, Jesus provides them with a lesson intended to teach and instil an attitude of humility: an exhortation to move from self-interest to being humble, sacrificial servants. This exhortation applies to us as disciples in the 21st century. And while this is a call to action, it flows from having an abiding relationship with Christ. This text, at its core, is about obedient, Christ-centred living, that results in us humbly and sacrificially serving.