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Triumphant, Overcoming, and Victorious

Series: Church on Mission

Speaker: Jordan Scott

Acts 9:36-43 // In Acts 9:36-43 we encounter an event that demonstrates the complete and total power of God: resurrection power. The apostle Peter, through the power of God, raises someone from the dead. This text is a declaration that God is in total control and His will is supreme, even in the face of death. More importantly, the resurrection we read about here is a signpost to a greater resurrection, one we all experience through faith in Jesus. This text points us to the cross and Jesus' resurrection. Be encouraged and reinforced in your faith that God loves you, He is in control, He can turn things around, but most importantly, through the cross and what God accomplished on the cross, we are triumphant, overcoming, and victorious no matter what we face in life.