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The Epic Pursuit: All This for Me?

Series: Jonah: The Epic Pursuit

Speaker: Paul Park

Jonah 1:11-16 // Would the mighty God of the universe send a tempest just for one person? Would the Lord of heaven and earth; the Creator of the sea and the dry land send a tempest just to get the attention of one person? Yes! God will hurl a storm in your life if that's what it takes to pursue you. He'll move mountains; he'll pursue us relentlessly with his sovereign grace; Yes, just for you. And God's pursuit of you will ultimately point to Jesus—his amazing sacrificial love; his substitutionary love on the cross. He will throw himself at the wrath of God so that we can be forgiven. When God's pursuit is active in our lives, other people will have an opportunity to see God in action and know that he's pursuing them, too. This is why we live missionally. God's pursuit of us leads to God's pursuit of others, and it points us ultimately to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.