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The Clash of Kingdoms: Being a Faithful Servant

Series: Gospel Fluency: Church on Mission

Speaker: Jordan Scott

Mark 6:14-29 // Jesus' fame is spreading and rumours abound as to who he is because of his authoritative teaching, miracles, and healings. One rumour, in particular, sets the stage for our text. Some say Jesus is John the Baptist resurrected. Based on this rumour, Mark provides an account for how John the Baptist is killed in order to highlight the very real kingdom battle we are a part of and that there is a cost to following Jesus. This text challenges us to recognize the clash of kingdoms that is taking place today and how, as disciples of Christ, we are to remain faithful servants, everyday missionaries. We are to boldly proclaim, through word and deed, the gospel, because it's the gospel that has true power to confront sin and darkness and redeem, restore, and reclaim everything for God's kingdom and God's glory.