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Faithful Discipleship: The Kingdom Now and Not Yet

Series: Gospel Fluency: Church on Mission

Speaker: Jordan Scott

Mark 13:1-13 // We are continuing our Gospel Fluency series and looking at Mark 13:1-13, which is a challenging section of text. Jesus is going to begin talking about the destruction of the temple. When his disciples hear this, they immediately link this to the end of the age, to the end times, and naturally ask the very human questions of "when" and "what" will be the signs. Jesus then addresses issues related to the end times.

In his response, he doesn’t give a 10 point action plan complete with a detailed timeline along with markers or signs. The point Jesus wants his disciples to take away from his teaching is this: live faithfully in the present, with urgency, sharing the gospel regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. Be secure knowing that you have been forewarned, which means you have been forearmed in order to endure.

This text becomes incredibly reassuring in light of circumstances we face when we don’t know the WHEN and WHAT. We are facing such circumstances right now with COVID-19. We are seeing panic, fear, and apprehension. Incredible social-economic impact. Country wide strategies involving social distancing and shutting down large public gatherings such as our normal Sunday church service. Our text reminds us to remain secure in the hope we have in Christ and to faithfully pursue the mission he has given us.