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Meet Our SDBC Elders: Dylan Kruger

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This week we hear from Dylan Kruger! Follow along as he outlines how long he has served as an elder and what originally prompted him to become an elder. We are blessed to have Dylan as an SDBC board member!

How long have you attended SDBC and how long have you served on the Board of Elders? 
While I grew up attending Sunday school classes at South Delta Baptist, I began consistently attending services in the fall of 2010, after a powerful week at Camp Qwanoes where I made the conscious decision to become a Christian. After some time living in Ontario, I have been attending SDBC along with my wife, Katie, since 2016. This is my first year on the Board of Elders.

What was it that prompted you to join the Board of Elders?
As a younger person in leadership, I have always been inspired by the Apostle Paul's call to Timothy to step up in leadership, urging him "not to let anyone look down on him for his youth," but rather to "set an example" in his conduct (1 Timothy 4:12). I believe that intergenerational representation is important on any leadership team, whether on a city council, in business, or in church leadership. Intergenerational leadership ensures strong succession planning and assurance of future continuity. Varying life experiences also inform perspectives on issues, allowing for a more well-rounded decision-making process. I was humbled to be approached with this opportunity by members of the nominating committee last spring. While the learning curve will be steep, I am happy to serve the church in this way.

What is your specific role on the board?
Great question! I am brand new to the board as of this month and am looking forward to diving in and finding out how best I can serve.

What does it mean for you, personally, to be a part of the Board of Elders at SDBC?
It means a great deal for me to be able to contribute to our church body in this way. As a policy nerd, I find the nuances of bylaws, committees, and Robert's Rules of Order incredibly exhilarating. I am also excited about the opportunities to come for future planning, as we look forward to the work God will do in our church and throughout our community in the next twenty, thirty, and fifty years. I am motivated by our church vision to invest in our community. The Starfish Pack program is a great example of how we are working to shine a light and make Delta a better place. As a church I believe we are called to be good neighbours, and I am looking forward to future opportunities for us to participate as a church body in acts of service in our community.

How does being on the board both challenge and encourage you in your life and walk of faith?
I might be better equipped to answer this question a few months from now! I can speak to the decision to accept a board nomination, which was a decision Katie and I didn't take lightly. Together, we spent time in prayer deciding if this was the right way for our family to serve Christ at SDBC, and whether now was the right time. As Katie can confirm, I approach my faith from a place of logic and reason and am not usually one to get emotional. However, the decision to serve on the board was an emotional one for me, as I grappled with the responsibility that is associated with the role, as well as the opportunity to serve in a way that I am really passionate about. I would appreciate prayers from our church family as I get adjusted in this new role. I also look forward to connecting with church members I haven't had the chance to meet!

Please pray for Dylan as he joins the board and begins serving the church family in this way. You can send an email of encouragement to Dylan by clicking here.

Posted by Mary Grierson