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Catching up With Staff: Sonya

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This week, in our first SDBC staff interview, we hear from Sonya Dobson. Sonya is our amazing Director of Finance and she has been a part of the staff for five years. We are blessed to have Sonya on our team and we can always count on her to give wise council, whether we have a financial question or a life question. Continue reading to catch up with Sonya and hear how she has been doing this year.

What are some of the things you love most about being part of the SDBC community/family?
I appreciate the love and support of our church family as we share our faith together, encourage one another, and pray for each other.  I am so glad we are once again able to see each other Sunday mornings. I am also encouraged every Monday morning when I receive a weekly email from one of our congregants. It always brings a smile to my face.

How has your role shifted and changed since the start of COVID-19?
My role at SDBC has stayed the same in regards to the work and tasks that I do, but instead of working from my office at the church, I am now working out of my home office. I have now adjusted to working from home.

What are some of the challenges and triumphs you have encountered in your life and work since the beginning of COVID-19?
I miss not seeing our staff each day. However, we do have our COVID-friendly weekly staff meetings in the Chapel which I am thankful for.

How can we pray for you during this season of life?
Please pray for wisdom as we continue to navigate through this time.

You can email Sonya encouragement by clicking here.

Posted by Mary Grierson